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We are open regular hours on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th, 2022! Thank you for your continued business. We look forward to seeing you soon and servicing your vehicle.

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I am a regular because they always are helpful and kind, and this time was no exception.


Excellent and quick service--an oil change with additional diagnostic services--


STOP!!WARNING:THE WORSE SERVICE EVER! PLEASE BE AWARE. THEY WILL ROB YOU OF YOUR MONEY!!! I took my car in to be serviced last Saturday. I had a diagnostics test done and I was told by Carter that the part would be in by Tuesday or Wednesday. By Wendsday I received NO call with an update, so I called. I was then told by the OWNWER SUNNY that the part still was not there and it would be ready Thursday. Now, 5 days later I still have not received a call with an status. I called Thursday @430 and was told that the mechanic was working on my car and it would be ready in 30 mins. I picked my car up 30 mins later and paid 440$ for what THEY diagnosed the problem for. After receiving my car. I drove 2 MILES down Richmond hwy. and my car cut off THREE times! The same thing it was doing when I bought the car in a week ago!! I made a u-turn to take my car back to the shop, and now my car would NOT shift into gear! Now at this point my car will NOT move at all. I called CARTER and was told that we could get the car towed back, but WE would have to PAY for it and get reimbursed at a later time. After sitting on the road with my FAMILY until 11pm!!! A tow truck finally came! I retured the next day and was told that I now, OUT OF NOWHERE HAVE A TRANSMISSION PROBLEM!!!!! I was told by CARTER that SUNNY the OWNER is NOT an experienced MECHANIC! SONNY the OWNER offered to refund us 120$!!, but he stood behind his mechanics work. He said that his mechanic fixed the problem and he had nothing to do with my transmission. What I brought my car in for is still NOT fixed, although SUNNY THE OWNER claimed it is. MY CAR IS COMPLETELY Ruined! AND I will have to pay thousands to have it repaired. These people are not HONEST AT ALL. I plan to take every step possible to spread the word about this place, so this NEVER happens to anyone else! I will be reporting them to the better business bureau and seeking legal advise to see what my rights are. I feel really sorry for CARTER because he is the face of this business. He is put in a position to explain and come up with EXCUSES and reasons to clean up their MESS UPS! this place is a fraud. #DISHONEST-1!!!! #DISHONEST-1!

Miss Blowe, We have read your review and believe that what had happened was unfortunate. You had brought your vehicle in due to an issue where it would cut off when it would stop and not turn back on. (No check engine light was present) We saw that you had two vvit solenoids replaced previously before taking your car to us. Based on previous work done and stored codes in your vehicle we were able to figure out that the problem was the 3rd vvti. (Something was missed by the previous shop who diagnosed your vehicle) Upon testing the solenoid it was found to be faulty and replaced. (When these solenoids go bad the symptoms are exactly the same as yours) The part did take some time to get here, our apologies on the wait as it was a special order part. After everything was done the vehicle was test driven multiple times without any issues. Then the same day was released to you. We understand that you had a problem with the transmission soon after you had left the shop. (Check engine light came on also, something that was not on when you had first came). Our front desk manager worked with you on the phone and in person to get the car towed with our 3rd party insurance company. He stayed 2 hours past closing time (Calling off work on his second job) to make sure you were OK* (understandably emotional time for you) and get your vehicle back to the shop safely. Above and beyond what is expected of a employee at just about any shop! When the vehicle was looked at the next day it now had a code for a transmission solenoid being stuck open or going bad. We checked the fluid (at no cost added some too) and found it to be dark and very dirty *burnt. (upon further research we found that no recommended maintenance had been done on this vehicle for the transmission in over 100k miles.) This was a very hard situation for both parties as none of the systems that we worked with had anything to do with the transmission issue you were having. (no gears). WE TOOK YOU ON A TEST DRIVE FOR OVER 4-5 MILES AND THE VEHICLE DID NOT STALL OR SHUT OFF ONCE DURING THE TEST DRIVE. Resulting in us showing you we fixed the original issue. This was a separate issue, very unfortunate but a common issue with your vehicle when no recommended maintenance has been done. We offered to help you but you were understandably very upset and we even offered a partial refund on the work that was done. (even though we did fix your initial issue) During the ensuing emotions and confrontation you had mentioned that "transmissions don't just go bad" And we assure you. They do, all the time. It was not a good experience for either party and hope that you have better luck in the future with your vehicle. We try our best to be honest and as transparent as possible. Most of our previous customers, and your boss who recommended you here with a glowing review, know that we do good work and try to take care of our customers the best we can. Take care and we wish you the best.

- Honest-1 Auto Care Alexandria

Great place. Quick and friendly service. Got a state inspection completed within 20 min.


Great Customer Service


Will only bring my car here they are great at telling you the honest truth


It was nice 👍🏿 coming around the area! Nice environment


Honest-1 Auto Care at 8648 A Richmond HWY managed by Sunny is equipped with state of the art servicing equipment. The technicians are experienced and do an excellent job at the first go. Sunny gives the best diagnosis and recommends what should be done immediately and what can be done later. We highly recommend Honest-1 for you auto service experience.


Very friendly and knowledgeable about what they’re doing! Fair prices.



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